Welcome to the Corporate Venture Connection

A warm welcome to the first issue of the Corporate Venture Connection, powered by the National Venture Capital Association.

Last year, the Branding Committee polled the NVCA corporate venture capital members to get feedback on their NVCA membership. One of the clear messages we received was that you all wanted more avenues for communication and information sharing.

When we asked you what kind of information you’d like, you told us. You asked for earlier notice to NVCA education opportunities and events. You asked for help in navigating the NVCA website to make it easier to access all the great information on the site. You asked for an opportunity to learn what other corporate venture capital groups are doing and how they operate. You also suggested that we could be a good source for learning about open corporate venturing positions.

We listened! Earlier this year, the Communications Committee of the NVCA CVG was formed. Shellie Davis from Coca Cola, Declan Denehan from BNY, Mellon, Sue Siegel from GE and I are the members of the Communications Committee. We work very closely with CVG Advisory Board Chair Mary Kay James from DuPont and Janice Mawson from the NVCA. We also collaborate with the Education Committee Chair, Matt McElhattan from Chevron and the Events Committee Chair, George Hoyem from In-Q-Tel.

For our inaugural issue, we have pulled together a set of articles and resources to address your feedback. We plan to send out the Corporate Venture Connection about once per quarter and to utilize the NVCA SmartBrief on occasion for additional communications between issues. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing your feedback on things you would like for us to consider adding or changing in the future.

Read the inaugural issue.

Reese Schroeder

Managing Director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

NVCA CVG Communications Committee Chair

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