An Inside Look at the CVG’s Education Committee

By Reese Schroeder, Managing Director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

One of the valuable benefits of NVCA membership is our very own Education Committee which is currently chaired by Matt McElhattan of Chevron. Matt joined the committee in 2011 and has been Chair of committee for the last year.

Under Matt’s leadership, the Education Committee has launched a couple of key initiatives – the Coffee Pot series and Training Modules. Because of our unique and close relationship with the financial venture community being part of NVCA, we get tremendous insight that we can share with our members through these forums.

The Education Committee programs are designed to benefit both new corporate venture organizations, as well as the more seasoned teams. Let’s take a look at each of the programs.

The Coffee Pot series started in 2014. This quarterly series is typically a one hour web conference at lunchtime. It is meant to provide the virtual equivalent of several CVC practitioners talking to each other around the water cooler about a given topic. Audiences for these discussions have typically been about 30 people. The format is a fireside chat with skilled corporate venture capital practitioners who talk about a topic. The last part of the session is a Q&A from the audience.

The feedback for the sessions held so far has been enthusiastic and positive. The topics that have already been covered range from metrics and due diligence to the impact of proposed EC regulations on corporate investment in Europe. The next discussion, scheduled for March 27th, will focus on the pros and cons of corporate venture capitalists taking board seats. Future topics being considered include managing portfolio companies, the role of the CVC in corporate innovation, CVC organizational structures and how to form a CVC.

The other major initiative from the Education Committee has been the development of a series of training modules. The first one is on due diligence and the next one will be on valuation. There will be more to come as the committee continues to develop the program.

This is a very valuable tool for NVCA CVG members. If you are interested in learning more or have suggestions for the Education Committee, please post your questions or comments on our site. Alternatively, you can e-mail Matt at

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