Learning the fast way with GCV Academy

Andrew Gaule of Global Corporate Venturing shares how corporate venture capital investors can benefit from GCV Academy, and receive discounts.


Understanding corporate venturing is a tricky business, because it is such a broad industry, and learning how to set up your program can be a real challenge.

We are constantly told by attendees to our GCV Academy, “The last six months I have been doing one on one meetings experts around the world.” To a certain extent where individual do this too much, it ends up being a waste of time for them, and also the experts, who find themselves fielding multiple requests from groups attempting to understand the sector.

This experience can be sped up by gathering a larger group of experts and peers in one place. This is what we have tried to do in the GCV Academy where you certainly see the expression on peoples’ faces during the one or two days, where the participants’ whole perception of corporate venturing and learning changes.

Feedback from GCV Academy participants have given it difficult to achieve Net Promoter Scores of more than 50% and overall scores of 8.9 out of 10. Phoebe Kwan, from Saint Gobain, who was on the California program in July, said: “The programme gave a good overview of the various corporate venturing models, along with the pros & cons and challenges of each one of them.  It was a great learning and networking experience for me as I just transitioned from a business unit.”

The unique feel of the program has been created by huge support from the wider industry. The NVCA CVG and especially its education team leaders, Matt McElhattan and now Vic Pascucci, as well as Reese Schroeder, with the great Corporate Venture Connection, have been extremely supportive of the GCV Academy.

We have been providing topics, guidance on content, as well as appearing as top speakers on the program. This endorsement and support from the NVCA has been well-received by corporate venturing learners.

As one of the speakers at the Academy in July said ‘training a person to do venturing on the job could cost around $5 million’ as the decisions and interaction in the first two to three years are not the most effective. Spending one or two days on an Academy is a valuable way of learning and sharing experiences to make you more effective and bring down this cost.

The Academy is making content available to the NVCA community. There is a GCV Academy YouTube Channel giving Corporate Venturing insight from the speakers on these key topics. Check out these few examples from the many on the channel Insights on the Legal Aspects of CVC in Silicon Valley with Mark Radcliffe, Insights to VC Partnering with Paul Morris, Partnering with IBM Ventures with Claudia Fan Munce and Managing portfolios of ventures with GE Ventures and David Mayhew. There is also an GCV Academy Introduction and Benefits short video.

Interviews with leading executives who are speaking on the program are also available as podcasts in Gaule’s Question Time http://gaulesqt.podomatic.com   interviews, including Harshul Sanghi, head of American Express Ventures, who is speaking in October, and Jon Lauckner GM’s Chief Technology Officer and President of Ventures, who spoke in June.

You too can speed up your learning quickly.

You can find out about the upcoming programs in the US in October and early in 2016 around the time of the GCV and Innovation Summit, Europe in November and Asia by visiting www.gcvacademy.com or contacting Andrew Gaule agaule@globalcorporateventuring.com.

• The 2016 Global Corporate Venturing and Innovation Summit takes place in Sonoma, CA on 27-28 January 2016

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