Corporate Strategy Session: Measuring Strategic Value

How can corporate venture investors find new ways to measure the value they bring to startups? NVCA and our Corporate Venture Group led a Strategy Session to explore this question.

Corporate venture investor Vic Pascucci, Thejo Kote CEO of Automatic Labs, Marc Weiser of RPM Ventures, Mary-Kay James of DuPont Ventures and Tony Chao of Applied Ventures led an interactive discussion on measuring strategic value.

Corporate venture investment hit a 15 year high in 2015, representing 10 percent of all venture capital dollars invested. Beyond capital, corporate venture investors bring incredible strategic value.  As corporate venture investors increasingly lead rounds that influence the development of next-gen industries from the blockchain to cognitive computing, how can CVCs find new and better ways measure the strategic value they bring to startups?

Our discussion focused on a few key questions:  Why is it important for corporate investors to define strategic impact?  Who are the different audiences CVCs need to think about?  What are qualitative and quantitative ways to measure strategic value?  What are the advantages of corporate VCs?

Listen to the session for insights from DuPont Ventures, RPM Ventures, Applied Ventures and Automatic Labs.

Download the Corporate Venture Strategy Session Presentation.

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