Welcome to the June 2016 Issue of the NVCA CVG Connection

Welcome to the June issue of the NVCA CVG Connection.  I am delighted to inform you that we have the most packed issue of this publication since we launched.  This quarter’s featured theme is Deep Learning/AI and we have some terrific content on that topic.  George Ugras, Managing Director IBM Ventures explores the promise of Artificial Intelligence.  Gopal Rajaraman of Motorola Solutions Venture Capital discusses Deep Learning in the Public Safety space and features an interview with Chief Data Scientist, Dan Law.  Finally, Toby Lewis of Global Corporate Venturing, has contributed some great material and data on corporate AI venturing.

In addition to the focus on Deep Learning/AI, we have lots of other great articles for you to enjoy.  Laurence Hayward has contributed the second in a series discussing considerations by both parties when a corporate investor invests in a start-up company.  William Kilmer has a wealth of experience as a CVC and has written a compelling article on the need for corporate venture investing in disruptive and exploratory areas.  Finally, Evangelos Simoudis has written another terrific article, this time discussing Silicon Valley’s role in the re-invention of the corporate innovation model.

Finally, Jessica Straus, Vice President of Development for NVCA describes the new CVG leadership structure.  Christina Riboldi recaps the Global Corporate Venturing Summit that was held in London in May.  And, yes, we have some great data to share, as well as notice of upcoming events that will be of interest to the corporate venturing community.

Your response to this publication has been amazing.  Our readership continues to increase every quarter.  Please continue to forward to your colleagues and talk about this publication on the social networks you use.  Also, please continue to notify us of any CVC job openings that you have in your organization.  And, finally, please give us your feedback and suggestions for future content that you’d like to see.  This publication is for the CVG community and we want it to be something you look forward to each quarter.

Have a terrific summer and we will be back in September!

Reese Schroeder

Managing Director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital

Chairman, NVCA CVG Communications Committee