Shifting toward the future of corporate and venture partnerships

SHIFT – NVCA and Global Corporate Venturing’s inaugural conference partnership – focuses on new paths for corporate & institutional venture partnerships in New York this October

By Jessica Straus, NVCA VP of Development

What are the most effective corporate venture and VC partnership strategies? What are proven paths to launch new corporate venture units? What are the latest corporate LP strategies?

SHIFT, a new conference from NVCA and Global Corporate Venturing on October 28 in New York, will draw a sharp focus on these critical themes against the backdrop of New York’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

SHIFT will bring a new focus on new models of CVC, not only to support entrepreneurship and innovation, but the venture capital asset class. The conference will explore the growing opportunities for venture funds to collaborate with multinationals as syndicate partners or as LPs.

Lisa Lambert, Managing Partner of The Westly Group and former Managing Director of Intel Capital, will serve as SHIFT Conference Chair for the inaugural event. Lisa wrote on NVCA’s blog, “As a venture investor who has been on both sides of the fence, I know how critical it is for corporate venture capital firms and private venture capital firms to play in the same sandbox.”

Lambert will be joined by Venky Ganesan, Managing Director of Menlo Ventures and NVCA Board Chair who will kick off our one-day conference that will provide access to insights from the top investors across corporate and institutional venture capital. On stage, SHIFT will feature leaders from across the U.S. and New York’s dynamic venture capital industry.

Ray Rothrock, Partner Emeritus of Venrock and CEO of RedSeal Inc., Warren Lee of Canaan Partners,  George Ugras of IBM Ventures, Mike Brown of Bowery Capital, Kay Min of Cisco Investments, Susan Lyne of BBG Ventures, John Frankel, founder of ff VC, and Karin Klein of Bloomberg Beta will touch on syndicate partnerships and pioneering new venturing models.

Josh Lerner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Unit Head, Entrepreneurial Management at Harvard Business School, will set the stage with a keynote presentation and interview with Claudia Fan Munce, veteran IBM leader and venture partner with NEA.

Sue Siegel, CEO of GE Ventures, will lead a panel of top corporate and institutional VCs to focus on the changing face of corporate investing with WME Ventures, Time Warner Investments, Simon Venture Group and KBS Ventures.

Paul Sestili, Managing Partner of Rogers Venture Partners and NVCA Corporate Venture Advisory Board Chair, will lead a session discussing the evolution of VC and CVC partnership strategies with Mike Brown of Bowery Capital, Karin Klein of Bloomberg Beta, & more.

Kate Mitchell, co-founder and Partner of Scale Venture Partners, and Founding Co-Chair of the NVCA Diversity Task Force will focus on Diversity, Disruption and the New Guard Representing Venture.  The NVCA Diversity Task Force has taken on the challenge of providing research, resources and support to advance greater diversity across the venture ecosystem. (Read NVCA’s recent Building A More Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem report.)

Often, corporate venture groups, drawing on the decades of diversity, human capital and inclusion resources of the parent company, have a wealth of insights to share with their institutional VC partners about implementing diversity strategies within their VC units and portfolio companies. At a time when the fight for talent capable of driving a knowledge-based economy is greater than ever, VCs and CVCs can sharpen their competitive edge by integrating strategies for recruiting, retaining and promoting top talent within firms and portfolio.

The conference will provide critical insights, workshops and networking for corporations considering launching a new corporate venture group; seasoned corporate venturers, institutional VCs that syndicating deals with corporate venture capital investors, and institutional VCs looking toward corporate VCs as limited partners.

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