NVCA Membership

Learn more about NVCA membership.

Join hundreds of corporate venture and institutional venture firms to build stronger connections to your professional peers through NVCA events and NVCA Member Peer Groups.    Access webinars, white papers, industry resources and a powerful network of institutional and corporate venture capital investors.

Over the course of our 43-year history, NVCA has played a critical role in developing policies that are critical to the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as lowering the tax rate on carried interest, implementing key reforms to The Prudent Man Rule in ERISA to enable general partners to manage pension funds, and securing the passage of the JOBS Act.

NVCA also serves as the definitive resource for venture capital data and release the NVCA Yearbook – an annual comprehensive analysis of the US Venture Capital Industry statistics.  We release quarterly reports for fundraising, investments and exits. NVCA also supports research on the industry in partnership with academic institutions.

“What is really exciting about venture capital is when we succeed, a few things happen: the country gets the benefit of a new industry or company; your constituents get high-paying and rewarding jobs; and investors into venture funds gain a sizeable return on their investment. More significantly we help bring forth new drugs and devices that can transform how medicine is practiced.  Simply put, when venture capital does well, the United States does well too.”

– Ali Behbahani, MD, Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), NVCA Member, testifying before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in July 2016

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